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.:| General Info

Volunteers are the most important part of running a successful event and we are looking for some wonderful people to help us out!

As a volunteer you will be given free runs to PACE's trials and free food/snacks/beverages along with front seat viewing of the best action on 4 legs during Regionals!

We still need the following positions filled:


Scribe Assisstant
Gate Steward
Leash Runner
Scribe Runner
Pole Setters
Course Builders


Scribe Assisstant
Gate Steward
Pole Setters
Leash Runner
Scribe Runner
Course Builders

Job Descriptions:

Timer - timing of each individual team's run - must have experience with electronic timing system

Scribe - writing down faults or points and time on each dog's record sheet

Scribe Assistant - preparation of scribe sheets for scribe and scribe runner

Gate Steward - responsible for maintaining a constant and orderly flow of dogs and handlers into and out of the ring

Pole setters - replace knocked bars, change jump heights for different classes, change A-frame height for Specials/Veterans, and adjust tunnels if required

Leash runner - takes leash from start line to finish line

Scribe runner - collects record sheets from the 3 rings to brings the scoring area

Course builders - help set the courses for the next events


If you are interested in volunteering please contact
Bonnie Sales

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